I Jumped the Gun

I know better.

I seldom post things in response to viral or trending issues. Instead, I usually give things a few days to settle and for more information to emerge.

It’s not that I don’t have some passionate opinions that everyone else needs to hear from me in order for their lives to be edified. (HA!) Rather, I usually just find that by taking a bit more time, not only does more (and balanced) information often emerge, but my take and interest has often dissipated by then as well.

Last Sunday, January 20, I got worked up and didn’t follow my usual pattern. Instead of being patient and waiting things out, I sent the following tweet:

Since then, more information has surfaced that give more context and bring in to doubt some possible motives and reactions.

“Be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.”
— James 1:19

That is not to say that I agree with or condone some of the reactions that I do see in the videos, but my harsh assumptions and judgments do not seem to have been fully warranted.

I know better than to judge a persons heart and motivations. Only God can see a person’s heart and only He can judge accordingly.

For my assumptions and judgments, I apologize. I should not have been reactionary. I should have been patient.

I will, however, stand by two lines in my original tweet; specifically:

You can’t be “pro-life” yet anti-people. Claiming to follow Jesus is incompatible with mocking and disrespecting others.

May we all be more magnanimous and patient in our dealings with others. I pray that takes place with all parties involved in this incident – and in any future ones we may encounter.

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