Healing After Abortion, Sex Trafficking, & The Church

As y’all know, abortion is a huge deal in our culture with some astounding statistics and numbers attached to it.

We know God values life – both born and unborn. The fact is, for those who do have abortions for a myriad of reasons, there is nearly always severe trauma experienced by the women – and men – left. The vast majority do not feel they can turn to a faith community for the support and healing they need.

Too often, the Church has ignored these people or judged them rather than share the forgiveness and healing of Jesus. Too often we don’t walk with these fellow lives in need of God’s grace and mercy.

This Wednesday through today there was a virtual conference which took place the Healing Network from Support After Abortion. (supportafterabortion.com) I was blessed to be one of a lot of speakers and presenters covering a multitude of areas attached to this issue. Specifically, I was in discussion about where there is intersection of those being trafficked and how to walk alongside them as the Church.

The discussion is below for any who desire. I pray it is helpful to someone.