30 Years From CUNE

It’s hard to believe, but 30 years ago today I graduated from Concordia University — Nebraska!

May 11, 1991

Back then, you actually got your actual diploma when you walked across the stage; or so I thought.

I should back up…

When I was In Nebraska during the cold winters, instead of having tissues in the classrooms to help with runny noses, there were rolls of toilet paper. They covered more noses and were easy to throw across the room to whomever needed them.

One day as I was in the parking lot, I noticed that the car of my speech professor, Bruce Creed, was left unlocked.

That was a mistake!

I took several rolls of toilet paper and wrapped the inside of his car.

It was awesome!

Fast forward to graduation.

When I sat down I naturally opened my folder to see my diploma. Instead of seeing this:

I saw this (over the top of it):

The backing is a wrapper of the toilet paper rolls.

I look up a few rows ahead of me where Bruce sat with the rest of the faculty. He turned his neck, grinned, and nodded, as if to say, “you may be a graduate, but I’m still the master!”

Well played, Sir! Well played!