Miracles, The Importance of History, and the Grace of God

Twenty-five years ago a miracle happened. Then, nearly 24 years later, another.

Twenty-five years ago Concordia Seminary—St. Louis, gave bestowed upon me an M.Div. degree and certified me for ordination and installation for ministry as a pastor in the LCMS.

That was a miracle!

It seems, however, in the intervening years, they forgot about that “slip-up” and admitted another Heitshusen into their student body ranks. This is why the study of history (in this case, institutional history!) is important.

Yet, we see in all of it the inestimable Grace of God at work!

I still look back in amazement that God would allow (or desire!) me to serve Him in this way. I shudder at the mistakes I’ve made in ministry over these years. Yet, He has been and will continue to be faithful to His Calling and His grace is renewed every day.

And I couldn’t be happier or more proud that the seminary let in other Heitshusens who will serve Him even better and in an even crazier world!

“Thank You, Lord, for Your continued grace!”

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