Author: Scott Heitshusen

  • Ben Update

    Ben is doing great! He has been sleeping through the night since Mothers’ Day (great gift, huh?!). He can now lift his head up past 90 degrees when on his tummy. (Since he sleeps on his tummy, he has a lot of practice that way.) He smiles and giggles and prefers talking with his brother […]

  • HE IS RISEN, INDEED! – Celebrating New Life

    TrinityDowntown Newsletter April 15th will be the day this year when we celebrate the resurrection from the dead of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It is a day when we are reminded that “because He lives, we, too, shall live.” It is a time when we take joy in the new, eternal life that […]

  • Home for a Week Now

    Ben has been home for a little more than a week now and everything is working out beautifully! Dan still loves his baby brother (most of the time); Ben is eating well, responding well, and sleeping well (YEA)! He had his two week checkup last week (a little early) and the doctor was very impressed […]

  • Ben’s Home!

    Ben came home on Sunday, March 4 as planned! We are so pleased to have him home and off all IVs, monitors, and antibiotics. Daniel was absolutely fabulous! In fact, we had to hold him back because he kept wanting to “huga baby” and “huga Beh”. – He also gave Ben a lot of great […]

  • Ben is Scheduled to be Released from the Hospital

    Ben is scheduled to be released from the hospital to come home tomorrow, March 4, 2001! – PRAISE GOD!! His progress this last week has been nothing less than miraculous! – God is so wonderful and has heard the numerous prayers that people have been raising for Ben, Jennifer, Daniel, and me. THANK YOU, and […]

  • He’s Here Early

    Well, here he is, early! Jen and I want to share with y’all all of the details about Ben’s birth, but a full letter will have to wait until tomorrow…Until then, here is a short summary… Ben came into the world through a quick delivery early Sunday morning. He had some trouble breathing and they […]


    We joyfully announce the birth of BENJAMIN JAMES HEITSHUSEN @ 36 weeks! He is 6 lbs., 13 oz. – Apgar: 8/9.