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  • Thank You, Lord, for the Wonderful Day!

    Thank You, Lord, for the Wonderful Day!

    Receptions and installations for Pastor Duerr and me. A wonderful day!



    Where did it all come from? Why have I kept so much of it? Time for a cleansing – especially as I start anew! “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” ~1 Timothy 6:6 Switched offices today w/@PastorDuerr. TOO MUCH ACCUMULATED STUFF! Will take time to organize. Excited for start in my new ministry area! —…

  • State of Our Heart? Our Marriage Unions? Our Lives? …

    I think that sometimes our relationship with the Lord is as rocky as that between Congress and the President – barely tolerable. To deliver the State of the Union address, the Congress invites [by necessity as the President is not otherwise allowed there during his time in office] the President to come to the Capital…

  • MLK – “Letter from Birmingham Jail” – My Favorite

    MLK – “Letter from Birmingham Jail” – My Favorite

    Many other speeches, papers, and parts of the amazing movement led by Dr. King garner more attention and love from most people. For me, however, His “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is the one that hits the hardest. In it he responds to some clergymen who were calling for “unity” and stating that this movement which…

  • Weigh The Costs of Following Him

    Safety, comfort, ease, desire, acceptance: not promised to those God calls 2 follow Him. But having Jesus, is EVERYTHING! “THANK YOU, LORD!”— Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 17, 2015

  • A Nice Way to Spend Some Lunch Time

    A Nice Way to Spend Some Lunch Time

    This is how we lunch, Texas style! Many thanks for the use of guns, and fellowship with John Marrs who invited me to the range and then lunch at Whataburger after. It was great!

  • Ben at Gymnastics Today

    Ben @showcasegym showing off! That’s my boy!— Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 10, 2015

  • Awesome Day with My Amazing Wife!

    An awesome day! Got to have breakfast, lunch & the time in between w/just my amazing wife, @jenheitshusen Thanks, Lord, for that gift today!— Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 10, 2015



    This Sunday, January 11, is “The Baptism of our Lord” on the liturgical calendar. I will have the honor and privilege to baptize a Chinese mother and father and their 6 month old son. Baptisms are easily the favorite part of my profession! To be the instrument God uses to adopt someone into His family,…

  • God’s Grace Abounds

  • Both Legalism & Sin are Enemies of Christ’s Cross

    To be in either legalism or sin is to hate the Freedom Jesus won for us on the Cross. — Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 6, 2015

  • What Will You Sacrifice?

    The Magi invested & sacrificed greatly to find & worship Jesus in a land & customs foreign to them. What will you sacrifice to worship Him?— Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 4, 2015

  • My 2015 New Year Resolution

    My resolutions this year: (1)Love Better & (2)Respond (to God's Grace/Work) Better. — Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 4, 2015

  • Well Done, Pastor Fink – Good and Faithful Servant!

    [Jesus said,]“Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master.” ~Matthew 25:21 Yesterday, December 27, 2014, the Lord and Master of Ronald Frank Fink spoke those words to him as he went Home to be with Him forever. Pastor…

  • Going Away Party – Ponca City, OK [Throwback Thursday]

    In late 1981, my family moved from Ponca City, OK, to Houston, TX. Before I left, several friends had a party for me. [I think it was either on land from the family of Marcie Batschelett (née Freeman) or Shawn Lessert (née Merrifield). [I’m pretty sure it was Shawn’s.] Alas, it was some of the…