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  • Amazing! Simply Amazing!

    Due to several factors I haven’t been able to update for a few days and that we are getting ready to leave for safari within the hour, this will be short.SUNDAY:One of the most amazing and greatest days I have had — ever! We traveled two hours (one way) to the “church under the tree.” There was a […]

  • “I Rejoiced With Those Who Said, ‘Let Us Go to the House of the LORD!’” ~Psalm 122:1

    We are blessed to go the the Lord’s House this morning and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ! Well, “house” may not be entirely accurate. We will be traveling about 2 hours (each way) to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ as the Lord’s tree. More precisely (if memory serves), it […]

  • Caution: God at Work!

    These last two days have been long, tiring, and worth every minute! As power and connectivity issues continue to limit what we can post for now, I’ll share just a short summary: Tuesday afternoon and early evening we had our on-site training. While we were training, we got word of a gentlemen who had to […]

  • In Mwanza!

    We are all settled into the rooms we will be in for the next week and near the church where we’ll be working. One of the biggest challenges is not as much the lack of reliable cell/data coverage (which is a problem), but rather the lack of electricity in most place – including Jen’s and my room!) […]

  • Sweat Dreams

    Room at the Impala Hotel in Arusha, TZ Once we got to Kilimanjaro we had another drive on a bus for around 45 minutes before getting to the hotel. (A picture of our room this morning is what you see here. Jen was not pleased I took the picture with the bed unmade.) This morning […]

  • O, What a Beautiful Morning!

    With apologies to "Oklahoma," this is a beautiful morning site!I took this from my seat about an hour outside of Amsterdam, over Ireland.What beautiful sites the Lord has created and what a blessing that He has entrusted mankind to build planes which can take us to see and experience so much of it.There are still […]

  • Less Than 12 Hours

    Well, Jen and I are pretty set. the bags are packed (mostly) and I think we have all of what we (think) we need. We will miss our family so much but know the Lord will watch over them and us when we are apart. I feel compelled to praise the Lord [from Psalm 150]: Praise […]

  • Less Than Two Days!

    In under two days all of us will be on our way to Tanzania via Amsterdam! It’s exciting but also a bit daunting. Even so, we praise the Lord for allowing us the privilege of living and sharing the love and salvation of Jesus Christ there. We will all work to keep updates here for […]