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  • Braggin’ Time!

    Braggin’ Time!

    Time for some braggin’! This beautiful woman is incredible. She’s an amazing wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. She does so much for so many and is generous with her time, encouragement, and gifts. When we got married, she attended and received her Master’s degree in Social Work from the prestigious Brown School of Social…

  • Merry Christmas Eve

    Merry Christmas Eve
  • 30 Years From CUNE

    30 Years From CUNE

    It’s hard to believe, but 30 years ago today I graduated from Concordia University — Nebraska! Back then, you actually got your actual diploma when you walked across the stage; or so I thought. I should back up… When I was In Nebraska during the cold winters, instead of having tissues in the classrooms to…

  • Exclusivity

    Journal of my daily devotion.

  • Traditions and Miracles

    Notes from my personal devotion for the day.

  • Take Up Your Cross

    Notes from my devotions for the day.

  • Fear Not What’s Outside but Inside

    Journal of my devotion for the day.

  • Engaging Your Life in God’s Mission

  • Welcome Back!

    Welcome Back!

    Sorry for the hiatus. I’ve been working on my new website []. There is still a lot of back posts I need to add back into the blog and picture galleries to work on, but if I wait until it’s perfect, it’ll never come here.Blessings in Christ Jesus, the Lord!



    Where did it all come from? Why have I kept so much of it? Time for a cleansing – especially as I start anew! “Godliness with contentment is great gain.” ~1 Timothy 6:6 Switched offices today w/@PastorDuerr. TOO MUCH ACCUMULATED STUFF! Will take time to organize. Excited for start in my new ministry area! —…


    “Are you discouraged in devotion? Yet lackest thou one thing; sell all that thou hast … and come, follow Me. Luke 18:22. “And when he heard this …” Have you ever heard the Master say a hard word? If you have not, I question whether you have heard Him say anything. Jesus Christ says a…

  • You, Who Were Dead, God Made Alive!

    Sermon for Sunday, July 29, 2007 @ 8:30 a.m. Colossians 2:13 The Rev. Scott E. Heitshusen   What are the desires of our hearts? If we are honest with ourselves, the desires we have are ones that are far from God’s desires for our hearts. Perhaps our desires are greed or lusts or for status…