St. Mark Lutheran – Houston




Here you will find a simple, but hopefully helpful, page with information regarding the M.O.S.T. Ministry at St. Mark. I am putting this here as the current church website is being transferred to a new page/service in the coming months.

“The PLAN”


When God created humanity He made them as individuals within a community of others. We were not made to be in complete isolation, tending just to ourselves with no regard for others.

Scripture is filled with what that means and it all boils down to “love.” God’s love in action toward us and our response toward Him and others.

That love is to take form in both our words and actions. It is to be focused outside of ourselves. It is to permeate our thoughts, our lives – our very being as believers.

We have long known this, but we have not always lived up to it.

We want to mediate that as much as we can.

Yet we recognize that, although “love is blind,” we are not. As we are called to love, we are also called to be good stewards of His resources. As such, we want to effectively utilize those resources to maximize the benefit for others.

For that, we need to focus, align, and mobilize the people of St. Mark to love by serving, ministering, and leading to Jesus. We want people to grow in their faith and discipleship through actions produced from faith.

We will lead others to Jesus through assistance, not just because it is God’s will and calling for us, but because we cannot help but serve as ones transformed by Jesus’ love!

This is no small task. It will take a shift in our mindset, our resources, and our very heart. Some of those changes we have begun. This group and ministry is another significant step in that direction.

Thank you for being a part of this exciting new start for St. Mark! I look forward to our journey together as we join Jesus on His mission here at St. Mark, in Spring Branch, and in the world!

Most sincerely and joyfully,
Pastor Scott