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  • We Miss You, Mom

    We Miss You, Mom

    Two years ago today my mother-in-law received her Crown of Glory. Even so, we mourn and miss. I love you, mom!

  • Jen’s 50th Today

    Jen’s 50th Today

    My Beautiful Bride is 50 today! I am so blessed and happy to be on this life journey with her!I love you mostest, hon!Love always,Your Adoring Hudband

  • Better Be Certain! Eternity’s at Hand.

    Better Be Certain! Eternity’s at Hand.

    If a Christian is not comfortable living His faith or having people know about it, how miserable will “paradise” be for them for eternity? As Christians, we look forward to praising the Lord and being forever devoted to Him! Let’s start here and now with this honor and privilege! Embarrassed living as a Christian?Don’t want…