Tag: Great Commission

  • “Men At The Cross”

    Greetings, I wanted to share with you what I feel that the Lord is guiding me to do as we have been praying for the last 3 months and asking, “Lord, what is it that you want me to do at this time and this place to touch people with the love of Jesus.” The […]

  • 2918 Club — Leadings

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, About a year and a half ago my mind was opened to many outreach opportunities that I had not previously considered. Many of these came as a part of my classes with the Pastoral Leadership Institute and others through the Texas District, itself. I have always been a proponent […]

  • The 2819 Club

    We are excited to share with you information on the “2819 Club.” (So called because it references Matthew 28:19.) St. Mark’s congregational outreach prayer remains: “Lord God, give us direction in how we may service our community, proclaiming Christ as Lord of all.” The St. Mark community may join the 28:19 Club in praying: “Lord, […]