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    Today is our 25th Anniversary!

    I am constantly amazed at the Lord’s blessing in having this stunning, beautiful, smart, funny, caring woman as my wife. Every day is a blessing with her!

    Much more love than you can imagine, hon!


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  • State of Our Heart? Our Marriage Unions? Our Lives? …

    I think that sometimes our relationship with the Lord is as rocky as that between Congress and the President – barely tolerable. To deliver the State of the Union address, the Congress invites [by necessity as the President is not otherwise allowed there during his time in office] the President to come to the Capital […]

  • Weigh The Costs of Following Him

    Safety, comfort, ease, desire, acceptance: not promised to those God calls 2 follow Him. But having Jesus, is EVERYTHING! “THANK YOU, LORD!”— Scott E. Heitshusen (@scottheitshusen) January 17, 2015


    Twenty-two years ago today, my life changed for the better in more ways than I could ever imagine! Not coincidentily, it was the same day a Miss Jennifer Stein made the biggest questionable decision of her life. Happy 22nd, my dear, sweet Bride! I love you more now than then; am committed to you more […]

  • Anxious Willingness

    Our Faith is evidenced through our anxious willingness to go where God desires, even when we know afflictions await us; not through God granting what we want, when we want, and in the way we want. Jesus’ Messiahship is evidenced through His anxious willingness to go where His Father desired, even though He knew the […]

  • “I Rejoiced With Those Who Said, ‘Let Us Go to the House of the LORD!’” ~Psalm 122:1

    We are blessed to go the the Lord’s House this morning and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ! Well, “house” may not be entirely accurate. We will be traveling about 2 hours (each way) to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ as the Lord’s tree. More precisely (if memory serves), it […]

  • 20 Years and Counting!

    Twenty years ago today, I proposed to my beautiful bride atop of the St. Louis Gateway Arch. At the time I was still studying to be a DCE and had not decided to be a pastor. But we had the opportunity to meet in St. Louis that last weekend in March, 1990. I hitched a […]

  • No Worship, April 7

    On Wednesday, April 7, there will be no worship service. Wednesday evening services will resume the following week, April 14 at 7:00 p.m.

  • A Very Holy Week

    Holy Week is a simple description of eight days of events which changed all of history and all humanity. the days from Passion Sunday (or Palm Sunday) through Easter include the welcoming Jesus as the (rightful) King of Kings, to His last supper with His disciples at Passover and His institution of the Lord’s Supper […]

  • JESUS IS RISEN!! — A “Holy Week” for You

    “CHRIST IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN, INDEED, ALLELUIA!!” I love that phrase! It marks the climax of Scripture and all of human history! It marks the reason we have hope amidst despair; joy amidst sorrow; life amidst death. It reminds us that God and His love are bigger than our difficulties and failures! It is […]

  • Ash Wednesday and Lent

    Next Wednesday, February 17, marks Ash Wednesday. As such, we will be privileged to worship the Lord with Word, Holy Communion, and the Imposition of Ashes. St. Mark will offer the following worship opportunities: 8:15 AM for middle school students (Imposition of Ashes, but no Holy Communion);  9:00 AM for elementary school students (neither Imposition […]

  • A/V Team Needs You!

    An Audio/Visual Workshop will take place on Sunday January 24 from 12:00 until 2:00 p.m. for current and prospective A/V team members. Lunch will be served and breakout sessions will be presented in live sound and ProPresenter presentation software. If you are not currently a part of the A/V team but have an interest, we […]

  • Lent, 2010: “The Power of the Cross”

    Mark Your Calendars It may seem too early to be thinking about Lent, but it isn’t. St. Mark will be celebrating Ash Wednesday on February 17 with services at both 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Both services (as well as for chapel earlier that morning) will include the “Imposition of Ashes” for those who would […]

  • The Ordination of Paul Andrew Tonn

    Good morning! This is Pastor Heitshusen with a great reminder. This Sunday, June 14, St. Mark is privileged to host the ordination service of St. Mark’s own, Paul Tonn. St. Mark has helped and seen Paul grow in the Lord over the years and supported him in his studies to be a pastor. His preparation […]

  • Reminders: “Joseph” Musical; Voters’ Meeting; & More!

    Hi, this is Pastor Heitshusen at St. Mark Lutheran with some great news! Today, May 14, at 7:00pm and tomorrow, Friday, May 15, at 7:00pm, St. Mark school will present the musical, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” The kids are great; the music, wonderful; and the admission is free! In addition to those two […]