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  • Call to LifeBridge – Sealy

    Call to LifeBridge – Sealy

    As many of you have probably heard by now, God’s people at LifeBridge Community Lutheran Church in Sealy, Texas, have issued a Divine Call to me to serve as their pastor. They did this last Sunday, August 5.

    Of course, I also continue to have my Divine Call to serve God’s people at St. Mark Lutheran Church & School in Houston, Texas.

    These are both exciting ministries with wonderful people and Jen and I openly solicit your prayers, your thoughts and anything the Lord may be leading you to share with me.

    Many thanks and blessings!

  • Tristen Dasch Still in Need of Prayers

    Many of you are very familiar with Tristen Dasch, son of previous St. Mark senior pastor, Bill Dasch and wife, Shelia. Tristen has been fighting the reemergence of his leukemia for some time. Right now he is in Memphis, TN receiving bone marrow from his mom in the newest effort to fight off this terrible […]

  • 2819 Club — Leadings

    Feedback Form In your prayer time with the Lord, when you have asked the LORD, “LORD, what do You want Your people at St. Mark to do to touch people with the love of Christ?” what do you feel is the Holy Spirit’s movement as an answer in your heart? (Be as general or as […]

  • Friends of Christ

    Friends of Christ As I prayed this morning, God reminded me that He is my best Friend. He is always there when I need someone to talk to. He is always there when I need advice. He is always happy for me and with me, when something good happens to me. He “calls” me just […]

  • 2819 Club — Leadings

    In response to the planting of a new church, I am very supportive of this mission. My first suggestion for consideration would be a strip center located in the area of Beltway 8 and Highway 249.If you look behind the race track you will see a large area which is growing rapidly. Half way between […]

  • 2819 Club — Form

    As we continue our time in humble prayer, asking God, “Lord, what do You want Your people at St. Mark to do to touch people with the Love of Christ?”, we need to have an avenue to share what the Holy Spirit is telling us. Please use the attached form (click on the title of […]

  • 2819 Club — Scripture Passages

    Scripture has much to day about seeking God; praying to Him; asking for His Holy Spirit and guidance; and His desire that we let all know about His salvation in and through Jesus. As we continue to seek the Lord’s guidance in our outreach efforts, the Scripture passages in the attached file may prove helpful […]

  • 2918 Club — Leadings

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, About a year and a half ago my mind was opened to many outreach opportunities that I had not previously considered. Many of these came as a part of my classes with the Pastoral Leadership Institute and others through the Texas District, itself. I have always been a proponent […]

  • 2819 Club — Leadings

    Greetings Pastor Scott, Here are several thoughts that I have had in response in praying, “Lord what do you want your people at St Mark to do at this time and in this place to touch people with the love of Jesus Christ?” Here are several things that I feel that the Lord is saying […]

  • The 2819 Club

    We are excited to share with you information on the “2819 Club.” (So called because it references Matthew 28:19.) St. Mark’s congregational outreach prayer remains: “Lord God, give us direction in how we may service our community, proclaiming Christ as Lord of all.” The St. Mark community may join the 28:19 Club in praying: “Lord, […]