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  • St. Mark School Recognition

    St. Mark Lutheran School has been recognized by the HoustonWest Chamber of Commerce. St. Mark was nominated for this award by The Arbor School. Congratulations, St. Mark School! For God’s glory, Christ Jesus’ praise, and your edification. St. Mark Lutheran Church & School, Houston, TX

  • School Climate Survey

    Would you please do St. Mark Lutheran School a favor??? I have a favor to ask of all the parents of St. Mark Lutheran School. Would you please complete a School Climate Survey that will be emailed to you on April 3? It will not take long to complete the survey. We value your input, […]

  • Staffing Changes

    Several weeks ago, we informed you that Mrs. Jentry Workman and Mrs. Rita Schaller would not be returning to St. Mark Lutheran School for the 2010-11 school year. During these past few weeks, we have been actively seeking Mrs. Workman’s replacement. I am pleased to announce that we have offered the Grade 7-8 Language Arts […]

  • Important Information from Principal Mock

    Dear Parents, I feel that is important at this time to communicate with you in regard to issues relating to staffing for the 2010-11school year, to invite and encourage you to complete our Annual School Climate Survey, and to invite you to volunteer to assist with the reaccreditation of St. Mark Lutheran School. I realize […]

  • Lutheran School Accreditation

    I am asking for help from the parents of St. Mark in regard to National Lutheran School Accreditation. St. Mark Lutheran School is accredited through National Lutheran School Accreditation. Our accreditation covers a period of 7 years. We are currently in year 6 and will need to be reaccredited by the spring of 2011. This […]

  • Josh Jackson — Latin Dancer!

    Ever wonder if Josh Jackson, Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, can dance? Watch below and decide for yourself!Go Josh!!

  • School Open House

    St. Mark Lutheran School will host an Open House on Sunday, January 24 from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Campus tours, classroom visits, meet and greet the teachers, and experience all that the school has to offer. Empty seats at are missed opportunities for more children to learn about Jesus Christ. We would like to fill […]