• God’s Appeal Through Us

    God’s Appeal Through Us

    We are God’s ambassadors and examples to the world of God’s grace, love, and forgiveness. That’s amazing – and terrifying! But through faith in Jesus, that’s what we are. And now that we have experienced that grace, love, and forgiveness, we get to share that with others, like traffickers, victims, ‘johns’,’ – all!

  • I Jumped the Gun

    I Jumped the Gun

    I jumped the gun on a recent tweet, making some assumptions and judgments. This post is my response and apology.

  • Human Trafficking – Come Learn. Come Fight!

    Human Trafficking – Come Learn. Come Fight!

    Heard of “Sex Trafficking” but uncertain what it is or how to help? There are parts to play for everyone and you can make a difference!Come learn about the issue from leaders and organizations fighting the fight! Monday evenings from 6:30-8:00pm, April 2-May 14 at A 2nd Cup.Register and join us!

  • My Time at Kendleton Farms

    My Time at Kendleton Farms

    by Trina Caudill ✠ SML Member and Volunteer I learned a lot today about Elijah Rising’s ministry at Kendleton Farms. I am intrigued by the history of the location itself–a history of freedom, safety, and opportunity–and I am inspired by Elijah Rising’s vision to provide these to women rescued from human trafficking. I was happy to…

  • Serving Through Sharing the Gospel

    Serving Through Sharing the Gospel

    “JOIN JESUS ON HIS MISSION” by Leading People to Jesus and Transforming lives with His love in the Gospel!

  • Missions, Outreach, and Service Team

    Missions, Outreach, and Service Team

    On Saturday, April 11, 2015, over 30 people from St. Mark, who want to make a difference in our community, came together for the initial kickoff of the outreach ministry as a part of the “Mission, Outreach, and Service Team” [i.e. “M.O.S.T.”] Ministry!Here is some initial information about that kickoff event and the ministry.

  • What is Truth [Tour 2]? What is Islam [Lesson 3]?

    What is Truth [Tour 2]? What is Islam [Lesson 3]?

    Join us on Thursday evenings as we continue our tour through “The TRUTH PROJECT” from Focus on the Family. We just finished the question regarding Veritology, answering the question, “What is Truth?” In our next class on April 9, we will begin the tour on “Philosophy and Ethics.” Awesome stuff here! Join us on Sunday mornings…

  • It’s Time To GO!

    It’s Time To GO!

    “Lord, open the doors that need to be opened and close the doors that need to be closed.” I have been praying that prayer for a while now in regard to what the Lord would have me do.He has opened the door. Now it’s time to walk through it!Here we go!

  • MLK – “Letter from Birmingham Jail” – My Favorite

    MLK – “Letter from Birmingham Jail” – My Favorite

    Many other speeches, papers, and parts of the amazing movement led by Dr. King garner more attention and love from most people. For me, however, His “Letter from Birmingham Jail” is the one that hits the hardest. In it he responds to some clergymen who were calling for “unity” and stating that this movement which…

  • “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh” – Camp [Throwback Thursday]

    The first picture is from when I was a camper at Camp Lutherhoma as a kid. I’m about four rows from the bottom and in the center, between two female counselors. The one to the right of me (my left in the picture) with the feathered hair was really cute at the time. Having just…

  • Nick Moss Declines Call to St. Mark

    Last Wednesday, after prayerful deliberation, DCE Nick Moss declined St. Mark’s call to be our Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. He feels the Lord still has work for him to do at St. Paul Lutheran in Lakeland, FL. We praise God for His steadfast faithfulness as we continue to find the person the…

  • Voters’ Meeting — July 13

    Just a reminder that this Sunday, July 13, directly following the first service (around 9:30am), there will be a congregational Voters’ Meeting with the one agenda item the issuing of a Call to a DCE in Florida for the St. Mark position of “Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.” There is a biography of…