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  • 2819 Club — Categorized Results

    We took three months (and one Sunday) to pray and seek the Lord’s will through The 2819 Club, shared the raw data results of the responses, and now those results have been subsequently been categorized. The results are in a PDF file with it’s link below (and also through the title of this post). Our […]

  • A “Campaign of Commitment”

    Gentlemen, First let me say what a pleasure it was to work with you during this process. It was an experience that pushed me outside of my “box”. I never saw a singular direction for our church. With so many people with so many talents certainly God wouldn’t limit us to one goal. When I […]

  • 2819 Club — Raw Data Results

    From May through July several people met for 19 minutes on Sunday morning to ask what the Lord wanted the people of St. Mark to do to touch people with the love of Jesus Christ. That question was also asked in worship at both services on Sunday, July 27. The following links to a rather […]

  • 2918 Club — Leadings

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, About a year and a half ago my mind was opened to many outreach opportunities that I had not previously considered. Many of these came as a part of my classes with the Pastoral Leadership Institute and others through the Texas District, itself. I have always been a proponent […]